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Reboot. Refresh. Reimagine.

Below the Line invites you to a bespoke programme designed specifically for business owners and entreprenuers to meet the challenges of now. This four module programme led by Gerry Hussey and featuring contributors from the Below the Line team of coaches is an accelerated learning experience designed to help you:

Create A Compelling Vision for Your Business
Get Clarity on What You Are Creating/Offering
Raise Your Levels of Confidence and Resilience
Set You Up For Future Success

Working with Performance Psychologist Gerry Hussey and Business & Performance Coaches Dave Gribben, Paul Gleeson, Peter Mohan & Ian Kingston this programme is for both established and experienced business owners and entrepreneurs to beginners and those with a passion and interest in starting their own business

All Sessions led by Gerry Hussey and co-facilitated by the Below the Line team of coaches and mentors.

Programme Details

4 x 2.5 hour modules delivered virtually

& 2 weeks apart


Tues 27th April

Tues 11th May

Tues 25th May

Tues 8th June


10:30am – 1pm



(ex -VAT)

Session 1

With Dave Gribben

Visioning Your Business


  • Meta-viewing your business
  • Connecting to your ‘why’
  • Understanding the brain science behind visualisation
  • The Conceive, Believe, Achieve, Receive approach
  • The 3 ‘S’ of Success – See it, Start it, Sustain it
  • Identifying the big stepping stones to get you thereYour next authentic step

Session 2

With Paul Gleeson

Harnessing Your Inner Compass


  • Understanding what your inner compass is
  • Bringing the essence of your soul into your business
  • Creating meaningful intention
  • Living your values in your business
  • Playing to your energetic strengths
  • Learning from going off course
  • Looking after your inner compass



Session 3

With Peter Mohan

Bringing Your Business to Life


  • Uncovering the story of your business
  • Engaging your customers with compelling messages
  • Building emotional connections with your clients
  • Simple tips for working with the power of story
  • ‘Hooking’ your customer from the offset andsustaining interest
  • Engaging, Influencing and ‘Closing the Sale’

Session 4

With Ian Kingston

Positioning Your Business for Growth


  • Matching Attention with IntentionT
  • The 80/20 Rule of being effective
  • Tracking your activity
  • Networking for Impact
  • How to hire slow and fire fast
  • Nailing your true value




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